Mum, Mother, Mummy

Mum, Mother, Mummy

Mother, Mum, Mummy, Mumma and Mama are just a few names for the woman that helped raise you and who will love you unconditionally, forever and always.

A mother is your constant support, your rock, throughout the good times and the bad times. A  mother endures the good, the bad and the ugly from their children, but no matter what they do, is always there for a hug and a kiss.

A mum will wipe away your tears and hold you close, making you smile and will always try to take away your pain and sorrow.

Being a mum is not always easy and I for one, have got it wrong at times over the years.  However, the one thing that never changes, no matter what my children do, how I’m feeling or what has happened, my love for them both remains equally as strong.

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes and even genders. There is the biological mother, the foster mother, the step-mother, the single mother, the stay-at-home mother, the working mother, the single father, the grandparent, and so much more.

A mother has many caps to wear; caregiver and unconditional love giver, housekeeper, cook, taxi driver, psychologist, doctor , teacher, role model and discipliner. They often shoulder the burden of everything good and bad and even though they do so much, they often don’t get the appreciation that is so richly deserved.

I lost my mother when I was 26 years old and wish that I could sit down and have a cuppa and a chat with her. I miss that she didn’t get to be a grandmother to her grandchildren, to enjoy time with them and them with her.
However, that being said, I also probably didn’t appreciate all that she had done for me, and for that, I’m sorry that she is not here, sorry that I don’t get to thank her and show her just how thankful I am for her life lessons, instilled in me from a very young age.

Donna Bell writes, “Motherhood is a choice you make every day. To put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing, even when you’re not sure what the right thing is, and to forgive yourself over and over again for doing everything wrong.”

That is why, on Mother’s Day, it is important to show your mum your appreciation. Remember that although we will probably never be able to repay them for all they have done for us, and nor would they expect us to, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.

This Sunday 14th May 2023, I want to wish all mothers, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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