Why do we charge a delivery fee

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Why do we charge a delivery fee

Delivery fees! What are they? A delivery fee is a fee that is charged for the delivery of a product from one destination to another. They account for a large number of customers choosing to abandon an online purchase but why do businesses charge a delivery fee?

At GC Gift Boxes and Hampers, we charge a delivery fee for a number of reasons. These are:-

1. We are an online store, that is we don’t have a bricks and mortar store that a customer can come to and pick up their gift. To protect all of our gifts during delivery, gifts are placed into a courier delivery box which is then addressed and special instructions added. For a gift to be delivered, we need to use a courier and this is a service that we need to pay for, in turn passing on this cost to the customer.

2. Due to the fact that courier companies charge different prices for different sized deliveries (usually based on the cubic measurement of a box) and due to the fact that our gifts are all different sizes, we need to charge a delivery fee. These delivery fees may also vary depending on the destination of the gift. For example, a gift going to WA will cost more to send than a gift being sent locally.

3. Our delivery fee includes insured delivery.That means that if the gift is damaged or doesn’t arrive for some reason, the damaged item will be replaced or in some instances, the entire gift will be replaced. This is offered as part of of the delivery fee and doesn’t cost you any extra. You have peace of mind that the gift you have ordered will arrive intact at its destination, looking as fantastic as it did when it left our warehouse.

4. Our couriers are required to obtain a signature upon delivery of all gifts, unless permission has been given by the customer for the gift to be left at an address, unattended. This ensures further security regarding the delivery of a gift and peace of mind knowing that your gift has arrived at its destination.

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