Gifting To Someone In Hospital

Gifting To Someone In Hospital

Having someone in hospital that you care about is always a difficult time, especially when you can’t be there with them, to offer support and wish them well.
Letting the patient know that you care about them is important and we understand that, which is where GC Gift Boxes and Hampers can help.

What can I send to a special patient? This is a question that we are often asked and with that in mind, here are some of our tips and tricks, to ensure smooth delivery of your hospital gift and to choosing the perfect gift, whether it is a get well soon gift or a new baby gift.

Many wards do not allow the delivery of fresh flowers due to pollen spread and allergies and this is why we offer chocolate bouquets, full of delicious, well wishing chocolates, as well as artificial flowers to brighten the room. No water is required, no concerns about allergies from pollen, just joy and happiness delivered in a scrumptious bouquet.

A gourmet hamper is another option, providing a variety of sweet and savoury products, which are perfect for snacks between meals or for sharing with visitors.

Quite often, a gift is required to show appreciation for the nurses and doctors who are caring for/or have cared for, someone in hospital.  We know how hard these people work and a chocolate bouquet or a hamper full of delectable goodies, that can be shared between the staff, are our specialty.

Gifts can be delivered to a person in ICU but it is always important to be aware of hospital guidelines, and again, GC Gift Boxes and Hampers can help you out with this.
Sending a gift to the family members of the person in ICU is another thing to consider, as they are often spending long days at the hospital, and coming home to a hamper full of goodies is just one way to add some joy into their lives.

If you are going to send a gift to a hospital, there are a few things to consider, in order to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of your gift.

* Ensure that the patient is definitely still going to be in hospital and is not going to be discharged early.
* Check whether the patient is booked in under their maiden or married name, especially with gifts going to a maternity ward.
* If sending a gift to a child, include both the child’s name and a parent’s name on the order.
* Find out the ward/department that the patient is in, as well as the bed or room number.

A handwritten gift card is always more personal than a printed one, and including a personalised message with your gift, is the final step in sending your love and well wishes to a person in hospital. At GC Gift Boxes and Hampers we understand that and all cards are handwritten with the message provided to us.

If you want something a little different from what is shown on our online catalogue, give us a call on 07 5535 2879 and we will put our creative minds to work, to create the perfect, customised gift, especially to suit your requirements.


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