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Gold Coast Gift Boxes and Hampers

To lovers of gift boxes and hampers, we will be blogging about all things gifts. If you are in business, we will also be blogging about subjects that can help your business to prosper. Once in a while, we will be running some special discounts and offers to our beloved customers so be sure to check them out. In the meantime, have a sip with your favourite hot drink and browse our blog posts.

Valentine's Day

GC Gift Boxes and Hampers - Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day is a day of love; a day set aside to celebrate the special feelings that you have for your significant other.  It is always on the 14th of February and in 2014 that day is a Friday.  
The staff at GC Gift Boxes and Hampers thought that it would be a good idea to ask friends and family for their tips on how to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Here is a list of our top ten.

 1.  Cook a special dinner, complete with your favourites 
 2.  Make your significant other breakfast in bed.
 3.  Book a romantic dinner for two at your favourite restaurant.
 4.  Make a CD with all your partner's favourite songs on it.
 6.  Pack a picnic and watch the sun set with a selection of your favourite goodies.
 7.  Remember special occasions you have had together by writing a short description of each one       onto a heart and sticking the hearts around the house for your partner to read.
 8.  Give a gift hamper full of your partner's favourite items.
 9. Settle in for an uninterrupted movie night, complete with popcorn, drink of choice and your    favourite movies.
10. Make your own Valentine's Day card and include quotes, photos and memories about certain times that were special to both of you.

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine's Day, enjoy.

For the singles out there, this is just another excuse to celebrate with your other single friends.

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